This is me!

Hey there! This is me! ;)

Busy with vegan food and nutrition for a long time now,  I have always loved to produce my own food: tofu, seitan, tempeh, fresh pasta, bread and pizza, kombucha, fermented drinks and vegetables...cakes and anything that involves chocolate! I recently discovered a burning passion for Tempeh that pushes me to get out and spread the love for this fantastic food. And this desire to reach out as many people as possible is still going strong, hence this webshop!  I am pretty excited about it mostly because if you see it online it means that I have been able to carry out this project, which is pretty unusual for me, Master in Procrastination ;)

MyVeganFam originates from our family of four but with the time the meaning got wider, embracing everyone that feels responsible for a more sustainable way of eating, living and respecting other living beings.
Anyone is welcome to feel part of the Fam!

I hope you get inspired by the pictures and the loves that shines through them, and that you like our Tempeh as much as we do!

Podcast - All about MyVeganFam!

@karotakpinkkitchen interviews me about the Tempeh Business and my past years :)

Keep growing! - Valentina

photo credits Milou van der Will @thegreenchopstick