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We love Tempeh, that's a fact! What we also love is to be independent and being able to produce most of the (good) food we eat. This for several reasons: 

> the quality of the final product you get is not comparable to any of the store-bought versions! Hand crafted, made using organic ingredients, no nonsense added and made with love: these are the key ingredients to a successful tempeh you can make by yourself and be tremendously proud of!

> the range of tastes that only a fresh mycelium can have: you will fall in love with the mushroomy, rich bread-like aroma that homemade tempeh releases while fermenting! And once you cook it you will enjoy the complex flavour and perfect texture of an unpasteurised, fresh and alive product!

> you are free to experiment! The most common tempeh is made from soy beans, but once you have learned the right procedure you will be able to experiment with all kind of beans, grains, seeds, nuts, a mixture of everything! How cool is it to make your own mix and find the combination you like the most? From creamy and sweet chickpeas, to intense and deeply aromatic black beans! The possibilities are endless, just like the variety of tastes and textures that you can get!

> reducing waste: when we take charge for our own food and try to produce it ourselves, we are deeply contributing to reduce waste, mostly in terms of packaging. No products travelling for long distances, no unnecessary packaging to explain or advertise the products on the shelves, the waste could really be reduced to the minimum. 

> the awareness you gain. By making your own food you become aware of its real value, the time and energy that are put into it, the nourishment it can provide if processed in the right way. And the most important of all: you acknowledge that with love and care you can create something amazing and delicious.

So, what is the course offering?

Everything you need to start making your tempeh at home successfully! You will have your fresh tempeh ready after 40h and we will go through the whole process together, step by step. 
If you are already making it and still have some doubts or issues, this course can provide you with some tips and solution to improve or scale up your production.
All our experience, mistakes, successes are there for you. Happy to share what we have been through and what we have learned during this amazing tempeh journey!

More info? Send us a short message to get more info about it!

Ready to fall in love with homemade tempeh? ;) Once you start there is no way back!