*** Our Tempeh is freshly made on request, orders will be ready on Wednesday ***

Du Puy Lentils Tempeh - 200g

Du Puy Lentils Tempeh - 200g

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A surprising Tempeh with a mediterranean twist!

Different mouth feel due to the small size of the lentils, it matches perfectly with mediterranean / middle-east recipes.

100% Lentils, Soy free and unexpected taste!

Ingredients: du puy lentils, tempeh starter (soy/rice flour, rhizopus spores), vinegar.


The Tempeh are made fresh on request, so they will be delivered/shipped on the following Wednesday. 
They are unpasteurised, not treated in any way, just like if you would make them yourself at home! (...and if you want to learn to do that, then check the Workshops!)

If you wish to store them longer you can freeze them or, even better, cook and then freeze.