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Sprouted Bread - No Flour! Online Class

Sprouted Bread - No Flour! Online Class

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Uh? Bread with no flour? Yes, you can! ;)

It is an incredibly interesting process: make bread from sprouted whole grain berries! This is the perfect way to use ancient grains like emmer, einkorn, different spelt and wheat varieties.
A more whole grain bread than this one doesn't exist! You will be using the whole grain, nothing left out! Plus, you have the benefits of working with grains that have been sprouted, unlocking the nutrients contained in the berries and that are not available in the milled flour.

The taste? Amazing: moist, rich, deep, slightly sour, sweet. A family favourite!

Here is how it works:

5 february 2021 - 5pm
- approx. 1.5 hours online live class, through GoogleMeet
- we will go through all the procedure together, I will be making it step-by-step
- you will see how to make it and take notes, it is not a cook-along class
- you will receive a detailed worksheet with all the instruction to make it yourself
- there will be some time for questions at the end 

Want to learn? Join me! :)