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Tempeh: how to make it and cook with it! Online Group Class

Tempeh: how to make it and cook with it! Online Group Class

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Learn to make Tempeh with this 1.5 hours Online Workshop!

You will see how to make Tempeh step-by-step, and we will check it together for the following hours to see what happens during the fermentation!

Course contents:

- 1.5 hours group course in which you will see how to make soy Tempeh step-by-step

- learn the functioning of the Rhizopus spores

- cooking soy beans, drying them and inoculating the starter, preparing the bags and the right environment for the fermentation 

- we will talk about the important aspects that need to be considered and checked for a good result

- we will go through the main problems and mistakes you may encounter

- we will see two delicious ways of cooking Tempeh! 

- you will get a worksheet with detailed informations on how to proceed and tips for the preparation

- you can attend without having the necessary to make Tempeh, only your presence is required! You will listen, see, take notes and ask questions about the procedure, you will not be making Tempeh during the class. ( in case you want to do so, please check the 1:1 Class or send us an email )

Willing to start? I can't wait! :)